Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's Involved?

Lately I have been thinking about all the things involved in planning a wedding and everything that goes into it. I feel as though I need to start a list that I keep adding onto whenever I remember something else that needs to be at the wedding or that I want at the wedding. Ugh! So much to remember. Ok, so here is the first draft.


  • bride's bouquet
  • bridesmaid's bouquet 
  • boutonnieres
  • corsages
  • petals


  • music
  • chairs
  • something to mark the aisle
  • readings
  • officiant
  • programs
  • fans?
  • dress/other attire
  • suits
  • bridesmaids dresses
  • bride sign
  • vows


  • music
  • caterer
  • linens
  • china/glassware/silverware
  • rentals (tables, chairs, tent, dance floor)
  • centerpieces
  • lighting
  • place cards/menu
  • cake/cutter(?)
  • alternative desserts
  • favors
  • cake stands
  • decor
  • photobooth
  • guest book


  • photographer
  • nails
  • hair
  • make-up
  • signs (to find location, to ceremony)
  • website
  • invitations
  • save the dates
  • marriage license
  • wedding night room
  • registry
  • rings
  • thank you notes

Oh my. I feel so much better having all of that out of my head. Sorry that this isn't a great post, but I feel as though it is something I needed to do! If you notice anything that I missed, please help and post anything that I have forgotten! Thanks!

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