Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ceremony Songs

I have been thinking a lot about ceremony music. I am somewhat scared of picking songs for the reception because I do not know music AT ALL, so I will be needing some help with that. But I had (what I thought was) a brilliant idea for the period of time when guests are milling about before the processional. I thought that putting some old love songs on and letting people talk and whatever. I love the love songs that were sung by people like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Dean Martin. Here are a few ideas that I had.

I also wanted to throw a few Moulin Rouge in there because, honestly, who can resist Moulin Rouge?

On second thought, as I was listening to some of those older songs, some of them might be good for the reception and get some of the people that may not normally dance off their butts! (Such as, possibly, my grandparents!) Plus I would really like to hear and dance to some of those, but I wouldn't be able to if I was in another room freaking out because I was about to be married!!! We shall see. What kinds of ceremony songs and reception songs do you think would be good?

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