Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's official!

It has happened. I am officially engaged!! It happened Thursday, September 8th, 2011 at about 6:30pm PST. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world! So here is the story.

From the very beginning, Josh and I had been into shopping for rings together, but we weren't really ready to commit yet. We had a ring picked out that we both liked, but two weeks ago, we realized that the price had gone up. WAY up. Like, $2,500 up. That was way too much of a price gap for us, so we were pretty bummed, but decided that the following weekend, we would head to the mall and scope out different jewelry stores for new ring ideas. Well, we ended up with more than ideas, Josh actually bought a ring.

So it would be ready the Thursday after we bought it and Josh needed me to pick him up from the mall because he doesn't have a car, and there wasn't a direct bus home. I was a little miffed because I didn't want to be totally in on the whole process. We got home and he told me to start chopping vegetables for a new recipe that he wanted to try while he looked it up online. I was done chopping the things that he wanted me to, so I went to the other room to see if there was anything else that he wanted me to do, but there wasn't a recipe on the screen at all. He had put together a slide show of pictures from things that we did in the past and even had slides with blank spots to represent things that we were going to be doing in the future. He had little conversations that we would have in the future and .... ahhh I loved it. It was so very him and so very me and so very us together. I sound so cheesy, but it was wonderful. So while I was watching this slide show, he was in the other room changing into a shirt that I LOVE on him. He came in when it was done and got down on one knee!! Yay! If he hadn't done it that night, then he probably wouldn't have surprised me at all. I am so glad that he did!

The ring is beautiful and it is so much better than the original one, so it is kinda a blessing that the original one fell through. It is simple and elegant, which is exactly what I liked about it! Here it is:

I know it's a lot of pictures and I seem completely materialistic and self/ring-obsessed, but it is kinda intricate and I wanted to show you all of the different aspects of it!

I also couldn't help but take a pretty ring shot! Hopefully a professional can do better...

So after that we went out to eat dinner at a place that was recommended for special occasions by my friend, Heather. It's called Melrose Grill in downtown Renton. It was delicious and I had a fabulous cocktail and salmon. Yum.

This was after we got done with dinner in front of the restaurant. It's the only picture of us that we have to capture the moment. Sorry for the quality.
We had a fabulous evening and night. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful finacé


  1. your ring is perfect! I love it. very similar to what I what! simple, classic, and beautiful! :)

  2. Taryn and I think the ring is gorgeous!!! (Mom agrees :D )