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I am a girl who is planning a budget wedding across the country. I am living in Seattle, WA and planning a wedding in coastal Maine. I am aiming for a handmade/homemade garden, classic wedding with a rustic feel. It's all pretty low-key and all over the place. You can follow me as I figure out how to make my ideas mesh together and navigate planning a low-budget wedding from 3,000 miles away!

Other than wedding planning, I have a brand-new doggy, a fiance that I am completely in love with, a new, absolutely adorable nephew (oh, and the rest of my family, too) who lives across the country :(, and a job as a substitute teacher.

I appreciate all of my readers and really like to hear from them about how I am doing, if you see something you like, or if they just want to talk, but don't want to comment, or if you have any questions! Please feel free to contact me through any of these methods. I am happy to give more information if there is something that you like and want to know more! Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me!

Twitter: @colorandpearls
Email: colorandpearls {at} gmail {dot} com

You can also follow me on Pintrest, if you want to see more of my ideas! If you need an invite, let me know!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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