Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wedding Dress Woes: Part III

First of all, sorry for the awful name on this post. Anyone got any ideas for a better one? My brain isn't working right now. Second, this is a long post with a lot of numbers, but I threw in some pictures of prtty dresses to even it out.

When we left off with my dress search, I had found a dress that I loved, but it was just out of my reach. It was too expensive, and I had only been to two other dress shops at the time. Was it really the dress for me? I wasn't sure.

Anyways, I went to a consignment bridal shop called Brides To Be while I was in Connecticut this past time. I went with the image of the Washington Dress in my head. I tried on a few dresses here and there, but nothing was really calling out to me.

(Can you believe I was actually considering the one with the silver bands? I might have temporarily lost my mind in the name of staying within the budget.)

This one was just awful.

This one was actually pretty nice, it just wasn't it.

My mom had a picture of the Washington Dress on her phone, so she showed it to the woman who was working there. (She wasn't really a consultant, she was the worker in the store at the time, but she was very helpful.) She went into their stock that was not on the floor and pulled a dress for me. It looked a lot like the Washington Dress. I was so happy! I was positive that the Washington Dress had been sold already, since it was half price, so I didn't really hold a hope of being able to purchase that exact dress. Finding one that looked so similar was so exciting!


Of course, there had to be a catch. The dress was $800. Which makes it exactly $105 more than the Washington Dress. The store was running a promotion that if you bought by the end of the year, they would give you 15% off. So if I bought it within the next week and a half, I would pay $680. And again, I find myself in the same situation as previously. Is this really the dress for me? I was not really sure. Am I sure that I can go that far out of my budget to get the dress? I had put away $100 for alterations, and there were some definite alterations that needed to be done. It needed to be taken out, cups put in, hem, etc. I don't know where the money for all of that would come from.

So I left feeling kinda crappy. I called the salon in Washington to see if, by some chance, they still had the dress. They did, which was good. But it hadn't come down in price at all. She said that she was willing to take off 10%, which would put the price at $625, still slightly cheaper than the $680 for the dress in Connecticut. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. I knew I had an appointment the day after Christmas, though I wasn't really expecting to find anything there. I just wanted to put this decision out of my mind, so I decided to wait until after my second appointment at the other salon.

What would you do? Would you buy the dress on a whim because there was a time crunch? Especially if it was out of your budget?

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