Monday, January 9, 2012

Pretty Paper: Handmade Invites

These were made by a bride who is a graphic designer (I get so jealous of those people who have skills that help them with wedding details) and they look ah-mazing. I would definitely use these as my own and I wish that I could create something like this for myself. I found them on a blog called The Budget Savvy Bride. I love this blog, and they give a lot of good tips. Anyways, without further ado, here are the beauties.


I love how it looks so handmade and very DIY without it looking like a two year old crafted it. I feel that some of my DIYs tend to look like a two year old got ahold of some markers and scissors and went to town. I also like how it looks like she crammed all the info onto the invite, but still organized. If you are interested in the way that she did this, check out the source link.

And because a stack of papers always makes me feel good, here is her stack of envelopes.

Something to make you smile on a Monday. Enjoy your day!

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