Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wedding Dress Woes: Part II

The last dress shop that we visited was a bridal shop called Pearls & Lace. We got the name from a waitress at a restaurant that we went to for lunch. It was a beautiful little place. I loved the feel and setting of it. They don't take appointments, so we went right when it opened and were there for two hours, with the shop to ourselves. It really made me feel like I would be getting married someday because my mom was there helping me into the dresses, rather than a consultant, just like it would be the day of. I liked that better, I think. But the store owner was very attentive and came over to lace up my dresses when I needed it and offer advice. Here are some pictures from that day.

At this point you are probably wondering why I named this post "wedding dress woes." 

As I was trying on dresses, I came across one that was GORGEOUS. It is not pictured here because it might be my dress. I can't give you any details about it because certain people read this blog. I didn't go shopping to find my dress really, just to find what looks good. This dress is something that I would never have picked for myself, but I tried it because we were just looking for the shape. 

Now you are probably thinking (assuming you know that I am poor), well, that's great! Just go back when you have saved up the money and purchase it. Congrats!

I would love to do that, and it would be the ideal situation, but this dress is discontinued. So the longer I wait the harder it will be to find. The dress has very unique aspects to it that I would probably not be able to find in another dress, so I couldn't really find one that was similar. So now I am left to think, is it really my dress? Is it possible to buy this dress this early and not be disappointed later on? Or will I realize that I only like it because it is something completely different from what my mind goes to when I think "wedding dress"? My wedding is so far away that it is quite possible that I could see another dress online or in a magazine and be convinced that I made the wrong choice. That would put us in a very difficult situation. I would be committing 100% to this dress, but am I really ready for that? 

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I really need some help with this!

[all photos are personal, courtesy of my mom]


  1. It's interesting that you liked having your mom help you rather than the consultant. I preferred the consultant!

    Those dresses are lovely, and I can't wait to see what you choose! (You'll have to post wedding pictures, right?)

  2. Since my wedding is so far away, I haven't really had the "wow, I am getting married" feeling. Having my mom help me gave me that feeling, so I was excited! And I will post wedding pictures, but unfortunately, they will be really far away!!!