Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Science Wedding Ideas!

This idea for a wedding was so amazing, come up with by on No Impact Bride. It was science themed and she did a fantastic job of putting together the theme throughout the wedding. I am a sucker for detail shots, so I will share a few with you here. This first one is my favorite!!

I love the glass balls hanging with flowers in them. It creates such a atmosphere.

Don't you just love it? No, only me? Well, in case you couldn't already tell from this blog, I am a super nerd and get excited about nerdy things. (See Pretty Paper this week, scroll down to the last picture.) This is such a good idea of you or your fiance are into science or do something related to science as a living. Ah, so cool! Go and check out the full inspirational post by No Impact Bride!!

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  1. The science wedding ideas is very new for me and it was beautifully decorated with scientific methods. Keep it up!! You did great efforts on your wedding planning!!

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