Monday, October 10, 2011

Best. Family. Ever.

Sorry for the absence the past week. My parents were in town for the week and I was enjoying a lovely time with them. They had not been to Seattle since we officially moved here, so it was nice for them to see our new apartment and the city. Unfortunately, it was raining the whole time, but that's ok! I think they still had a good time. They have gone now, and I am missing them terribly, but I now have time for new posts!

First on the agenda is my amazing family. The first morning that my parents were here, they tried to sneak out for coffee. They didn't know that our door makes a horrible cracking sound when opened, so it woke me up. When I ventured out, I saw this.

personal photo

I had told my mom that I wanted her to look and see if she could find one or two Connecticut bridal magazines. This is what she brought to me. I was a very happy lady. I don't think that I will go too crazy with magazines, but in the first month of engagement, how could you not? I thanked her for the gifts and she said that my brother and his girlfriend, Megan, had gone to many different places to pick up magazines for me! I owe them a big thank you. They had included a trip to David's Bridal and picked up a few catalogs of dresses (not shown in picture). I have managed to read half of one in the last week, but I am sure that I will have more free time now. Hope your weekend went well!

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  1. so sweet!!! i just read your info and saw you're planning your wedding in CT from afar - i did the same, planned ours in CT while living in CA! enjoy every moment, it's gonna fly by :)