Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Dress Woes: Part I

While my mom was here last week, we went dress shopping. It was pretty exciting, but didn't start out that way. Our first stop was David's Bridal. They were nice, but I was not impressed with their dresses. The fabric was not good and the prices were very inflated. However they did have some pretty designs. Here are some of my favorites.

Please don't look at my face and weird expressions. These pictures are to showcase the dress, not my weird-ness.

That trip left me feeling really down. I thought that I would never be able to afford a dress. At those prices and quality, that would be true. Luckily, I realized on our next trip that the prices were way inflated for the quality of the dresses.

Later in the week we went to a place called Blue Sky Bridal, which is a consignment shop for wedding dresses here in Seattle. They had a lovely store and a wonderful employee that helped me. If you are in the area, I strongly suggest that you visit this shop. Here are some dresses from the shop. Please excuse my chopped off head, bra straps (I was not prepared), and gloves (these are not part of the ensemble, they want you to wear them while you handle the dresses).

Hope you like the pictures. We visited one other dress shop, but I will post that one tomorrow, so check back tomorrow! Happy hump day!

[all photos are personal, courtesy of my mom]

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