Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY centerpieces

I saw a wedding on Sparkle and Hay that had centerpieces that were completely DIY-able! That sparked my interest in small and unusually-shaped vases, so I made yet another inspiration board.

Besides being completely DIY, another great thing is that you can look at yard sales without much effort at all (vases are usually a pretty common find, I have found some pretty cool looking ones for about $0.25). They are a super cheap and DIY alternative to expensive florist centerpieces.

The two pictures on the left are the vases from Sparkle and Hay. Aren't they adorable? It is so great because you can go into the garden and pick a few flowers, stick them in water in some awesome vases and have them in your wedding! (Speak of which, anyone have any ideas on how to keep flowers alive longer?) Happy Thursday everyone!

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