Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Searching for a Alternate Location

[This is the third time that I am trying to write this post, but I always end up ranting, so hopefully I get it right this time.]

As much as I would LOVE and it is so important to me to have my wedding in a familial backyard, I am not sure that it will work 100%. First of all, there is no rain plan. If it is sprinkling, it wouldn't be a big deal, but if it is raining raining, it would be a very big deal. Second of all, if it is at my mother's house, we would for sure need a shuttle, which is not in our budget, but my mom insists that there will be about 30 cars for 100 people, which I just don't agree with. Third of all, my step father thinks that our septic system wouldn't be able to handle the toilet flushing, so we would need a portable bathroom, which is not in our budget at all. There is very little wiggle room with everything that everyone thinks that we are going to need. It gets overwhelming.

Josh is also very sick of not knowing where the wedding will be. I am too. I have set a goal to know where our wedding will be by the time that I come back to Seattle on December 28th. That means that I will have to look at and decide on a place in two weeks. Josh won't be able to do the initial search with me (he will only be in town for 3 days), so that sucks. I wish he could be with me, but we knew that this would be a problem when we decided to have the wedding in Connecticut.

With that said, I have been scouring the internet for a venue in southern CT where you can have the wedding and ceremony outside, but can also move it inside if need be. There needs to be trees and things like that. It needs to have the "feel" of a backyard wedding. Apparently, these don't exist in southern CT. Apparently, I grew up in the section of CT where there are only wedding factories or wannabe wedding factories. Just when I started to write this I came across the same website for the third time. I am looking at all the same material over and over again!

There was one place that I found, but it is just over our budget, which isn't really great, but it's doable. It's in Norwalk, which isn't too far away and they have lodging there, since it is an inn. It's called The Silvermine Tavern Bed and Breakfast. I am not sure if they do an outside reception and ceremony, I didn't really look at the website too closely, but it looks really cute.

How cute would these chairs be for pictures?

Ah fall. I would love a fall wedding.

I am so sorry that this sounds like a rant (and in a way it is), but I just need some help. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about where we might be able to have an outdoor wedding at a reasonable price around Orange, CT. I have thought about a state park, but do they usually provide electricity? And will it still feel like my wedding rather than a cool (and expensive) get together?

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