Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wedding Meeting: Week 2

I decided that I would write about the general feel of our wedding meetings weekly (if I remember) because I would like a record of how they started, and if we get off course, then I have a record of what made it work and what didn't. 

This past week wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great. Josh forgot all about it, and so I had to remind him. The thing about this is that it's fine, but I want him to remember and want to talk about this stuff. I am sure that he will the closer it gets. In past posts I have talked about how it is so far away so it is hard to think that things that we talk about are not just speculation about our wedding one day. There is a day. It's set. It will be our anniversary for the rest of our lives (which is a weird realization in itself). So I understand where he is coming from, but, but I still want him to want to talk about it.

So this week I had made a breakdown of our budget and I shared it with Josh. I am not gonna lie, it's tight. And no, not cool tight. Tight tight. We CAN DO IT though. I have faith, and that was my question of the day for Josh. If I need reassurance about something I will ask him the same question over and over again to hear him say the answer. (Annoying? Immature? Oh well, it helps me.) 

So I ended up leaving the meeting generally feeling down. Hopefully next week will be better. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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